P-Patch Work Party

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Once a month, P-Patch gardeners and volunteers come together to provide maintenance and care to the "Giving Gardens" and other common areas.

On this cloudy Tuesday evening Chris, this months Work Party Lead, along with other gardeners, began working on the most critical tasks for the common good of the P-Patch.

Marty, Cascade P-Patch's Plot Monitor, went around taking note of plots that looked uncared for or abandoned.

Having a personal garden requires a lot of research and routine work, especially in the beginning stages. So it's not uncommon for newcomer's to become discouraged and overwhelmed.

Gardeners Barrett and Evalena started off by removing weeds and dying vegetation from the Giving Gardens and other areas in order to make way for summer plants.

Meanwhile Zoe and Matthew sorted through the alley yard waste for things that could be composted.

Composting is very important to the P-Patch Community. Non-invasive, non-seeding plants are added to the on-site composting bins which speed up the decomposition process and provide nutrient rich matter that can be added to the different plots to improve soil quality.

Once sorted, it was time to chop up all the compostable materials into small pieces for quicker decomposition. Once that was done, Matthew and Chris provided routine maintenance to the composting bins by adding moisture, mixing, and moving matter to the next area for further decomposition.

These are just some spinets of what happened that day. There were more gardeners and tasks that I was unable to include, but was still critical to the care and maintenance of Cascade P-Patch. 

It was fun and fulfilling to work together for a common goal on a place that bring so much beauty and inspiration to the local community. If your interested in coming to the next Work Party, the upcoming dates and times can be found here.

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